When I Still Have Not Gotten The Watch In Shock

I am getting extremely frustrated. I purchased both replica breitling watches almost a month ago, I understand that the one is not in stock but I have given you the name of another one, and have not heard back from you. Can you please tell me if you have sent out the first watch and if the second watch is in stock. Otherwise I would like a full refund immediately. You charge a fortune for shipping costs? Why? When I still have not gotten the watch in shock.

Could you please give me a number to call as I am starting to feel this watch site is not a safe site. This is ridiculous. Can you please give me a number to call. The emailing back and forth clearly is not a good form of commutation. I have paid full price and postage fee for two watches. Whilst you did not have one in stock the other should have been sent. I would like a number to call you on. I am currently tracking the replica breitling sale threw the website. Sad to see it is still in China especially considering one of them could have been sent over five weeks ago. I am very upset and will never use your website again.

You charge a fortune for delivery. For what? It’s over five weeks late. Why was the watch not moved since Tuesday? When I asked for a number I meant a number to contact you on not the tracking number. I am starting to feel maybe I should be contacting my bank and claiming a fraud on this breitling replica uk purchase.